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“Truly Extreme Adventure Exceeds Expectations” Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course exceeded my expectations. It was truly challenging, with five increasingly difficult courses consisting of zip lines, ropes, & log obstacles, all suspended in the trees of Upstate NY. The quality of the park and activities were well worth the money and I highly recommend it. My 47 year old husband said its some of the most fun he’s had as an adult!

Trip Advisor, 7/25/2011

“A Real Adventure!!!!!!” My husband and I had such a fabulous time at CBK’s treetop adventure!! The staff was friendly, helpful, polite, patient, and very encouraging!! It was a unique & very exciting adventure.

Trip Advisor, September 8, 2010

“Not Just for the Winter!” “We went in the summer, on a cloudy day. We did the aerial obstacle course, it was awesome! It was the most fun we had on our whole trip.”

Visitor – Gunstock Mountain Resort, Julian C.

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